You may have some questions to ask about your Guardsy First Aid Kit or Digital First Aid Guide, and that’s fine by us. We have answered some of your most common questions below to try and help you as quickly as we can.

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My torch doesn’t seem to work… can you help?

There is a small plastic disc inside the top of the torch that needs removing. It is there to stop the batteries draining.

  1. Unscrew the top of the torch
  2. Remove the small plastic disc
  3. Screw top of the torch back on

You can also check out an instructional video over on YouTube

How do I get the Digital First Aid Guide?

A copy of the First Aid Guide is available to download through this website. There is a ‘DOWNLOAD’ menu at the top of the page. Alternatively click the link below to go straight there!

We are working hard to automate this process so you can access your FREE First Aid Guide faster and have it delivered direct to your inbox!

What People Say

Couldn’t get touch to work at first. Contacted seller, now got it working after taking out a cover near the bulb.

Phillip C, a happy Guardsy customer

The torch had a small plastic disc to stop the battery draining which needs to be removed before use. I missed this, assumed it did not work and contacted the manufacturer on Instagram who responded quickly and explained about the disc, great customer service!

Davie W, a happy Guardsy customer

You have to remove the battery tab in the torch for it to work, a small disc of plastic under the LED.

Katie, a happy Guardsy customer

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